we’re twenty in queue” order to their new employees, most have an onboarding program in place to help complete their development.

If you want to really discover how effectively your Recruiting finds the right people, and how successfully your Training teams convey the right information, Time To Competency should be your first metric out of the gate. Time To Competency is the speed at which a class hits and sustains a critical Key Performance Indicator. By pinpointing graduate performance and measuring the class to the rest of the floor, this will give you a view of your education as a whole.

This is a great metric for overall success: a sweeping brushstroke, not a narrow analytic. Some call centers view Training as a dartboard, giving points so long as each student’s performance sheds light on one measure of victory over another. While there might be some merit to this theory, you can’t say your Recruiting and Training departments are accomplishing their objectives unless you set a benchmark. TTC solves that problem without bias.

If classes are hitting TTC, you can dig deeper to determine what’s working, and then work with your Learning & Development Manager and Recruiting Manager to give more resources (if necessary) to what is working. (On a side note, listen to them. If they say they’re providing the right amount of resources to hit the sweet spot between overemphasis and neglect, put those resources you offered somewhere else in the curriculum.)

You should also, once individual TTC is reached, instruct supervisors to now start coaching to other metrics. Products Per Call, Revenue Per Call or Monthly Revenue Per Call, Quality Assurance Scores or any other drivers you deem important should now be addressed, but not before the basic question can be answered: Can this person perform?

As a bonus, change the metric a little to reflect TTC—this time not by class, but by team. How is each New Hire doing in their new surroundings? What trends can you uncover? Which Supervisor is really putting in the onboarding time? And which Sup is throwing new employees to the wolves?

Your numbers are obviously valuable. Whether driven by contract, bonus, efficiency or forecasting, you look at your metrics to determine where your company fiscally stands. But Time To Competency is a critical vantage to how your floor stood up in the first place, how firmly its feet are on the ground, and where it’s taking your company in the future. By seeing the progress of agents in their infant stage, you can make better decisions for your Coaches and your teams going forward.