Efficiency KPI's: 5 Metrics You Can’t Ignore

  • 1. Quality Scores

Measuring quality scores will allow you to be able to track your agents’ progress and sample their work. They provide a look at the overall satisfaction of the customer and monitor the conversations. Scores can be both for the individual agent as well as for the company at wide. Keeping track of these will directly improve company efficiency.

  • 2. First Call Resolution

FCR keeps track of how many calls it takes a customer to get a problem resolved. Each of us has been a customer at one time or another and when we have a problem with a product, we want to get it solved as fast as possible. IF a customer has to call over and over again and continue being transferred from one call to the next, satisfaction will go down and sales will be lost. A customer should be able to get a solution with one phone call.

  • 3. Average Handling Time

Closely paired with FCR, it’s the total time of a call handled, including talking time and being on hold. The shorter time it takes to handle a call, the more sales can be made. However, we must not get too preoccupied with time and let the problem go unsolved. Agents need to be simple and efficient, take less time but always get the job done.

  • 4. Customer Satisfaction

A common metric that almost every company uses and it’s obvious as to why. If customer satisfaction is high, everything else will increase. Along with that it’s fairly easy to track. Surveys are the most common way to measure customer satisfaction but it can also be measured through Net promoter, which is our last important metric.

  • 5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS refers to the popularity of a company through its customers. Things such as customer referrals, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are all parts of this metric. As a company receives more referrals it’s easy to see the customer satisfaction rate as well as the loyalty of client. Work to have higher referrals and your company will receive better, more loyal clients.

Call center metrics are important to a company looking to improve their efficiency. There are many different metrics that can be used but rest assured that by measuring at least these five, your company can improve in all ways immeasurably.

Tying it all Together: Correlating Your Data

In a recent case study, ClearView outlines how one company dramatically improved these Efficiency KPI’s through use of our software. Using a solution like ClearView can help you correlate and understand this data in a meaningful and actionable way. If implementing a workforce optimization tool like ClearView is not yet on your roadmap, then the best thing you can do is standardize each data point and stay consistent. Even if there are margin of errors in your data, the trends will be easier to identify and correlate with corresponding KPI’s.

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