She was mostly right. We typically appear upbeat and welcoming, because that’s our job, and we do show weapons-grade patience with all our students. But while we try to integrate agents seamlessly, seldom are we asked to take our time.

It’s one of the great myths of the job that Trainers in BPOs are afforded endless time and resources to make sure each New Hire acclimates perfectly. In reality, we are often pushed to maximize resources and promote agent buy-in before continuing the curriculum. And rightfully so: Just like any other department, Training has a fiduciary responsibility to our BPO to deliver effective curriculum on budget. Here are three simple steps to help:

Look outside the account. Most BPOs have consolidated Learning & Development leadership that splinters into Trainers on individual accounts. Often, these clients are segregated by privacy, policy, and even geography. But even if Trainers for other accounts can’t share specifics, they are usually empowered to share best practices. Network with fellow teachers to discover new techniques and tips to help your own client’s students succeed.

Get New Hires on the phones. Regardless of engagement, flexibility and planning that goes into your curriculum, an agent will learn more about their job in five phone hours than they would during four classroom days. There’s no getting around this. Even agents who learn admit they learned the most about their future careers while on the phones, taking calls.

Don’t abandon your classroom setting. To the contrary, your homeroom is where agents learn the basic platform of their jobs. But despite your facilitation talents, your students will learn the most without you.

Find resources in your floor. One of the exciting aspects of call center life is its unpredictability. The queue ebbs and flows with the needs of your customers. Use downtimes to your advantage by recruiting skilled agents and Supervisors into your curriculum, conducting roundtable discussions with Subject Matter Experts, and educating New Hires on recent trends that will benefit your students in the long run.

Your toolbox isn’t simply filled with Learning & Development materials; it’s loaded with resources from every corner of the call center. Network with other clients and your own staff, and get agents expedited experience to create a more dynamic learning environment—for free.