Losing half your staff should be equally disturbing, but that’s the reality of BPOs, which reported just over forty-nine percent attrition rates, a full seven percent over direct call centers. While BPOs and direct centers alike have acclimated themselves to this kind of staff evisceration.

Thanks to your resilience, the losses you’re experiencing now aren’t the same losses you felt five years ago. Here are four reasons why.

Your experience outmuscles your client. The beauty of a BPO rests in the comfort that you are not exclusive to any one company. You serve a variety of clients with a variety of needs, and as such, you gain a variety of experiences, workarounds, and techniques. For example, when integrating with client systems, your IT and Networking Teams can handle more complicated solutions easier because of the experience they naturally gain working with other clients of a similar ilk. This gives you a larger toolbox to work the problem at hand.

Your center has evolved. Think of a car. Car buyers will always pay more for the extra features—leather seats, all-wheel drive, built-in navigation. But over time, the car increases in value without costing the consumer more money. Airbags, for example, quickly became an industry standard, as did rearview mirrors, covered trunks and headrests. The car can do more for you because of innovation.
The same is true for BPOs. Cloud migration, performance management and online customer support systems have enhanced your center’s capabilities, giving your company more value—to the customer on the phone and to the clients looking to outsource. Your company’s development has made it more flexible, consequently becoming more immune to attrition spikes. Turnover still costs, though not as much as before.

You’re not the boss you used to be. If you’re smart, you’re recognizing the historic shifts toward agent engagement. Establishing education platforms to foster cooperative growth, built-in gyms and discount memberships for external gyms to promote fitness and well-being, and reward systems that have become gamified for accelerated pay-out and additional benefits have all made your agents the primary target in an engaging and positive workplace.

Targeting agents with resources designed to enhance their workspace can do more than simply reduce attrition. These campaigns can also bolster tenure. Those agents staying longer can now begin to counteract the effects of attrition costs.

Attrition will likely always remain the most dangerous cost to your call center. But by investing into your business—through experience, innovation and engagement—attrition can double your opportunities, rather than halve your capabilities.