1. Love your clients equally. You want to give your potential clients a world-class experience, and you absolutely want to cater to their needs. But BPOs are often asked to prioritize new business at the expense of existing, loyal customers. Sure, you need to adjust resources to maximize growth, but make sure you differentiate between welcoming customers and giving away keys to the kingdom.

“Whatever you need,” “Absolutely,” and “We’ll make that a priority” sound great in the moment, but they imply clients are only important until bigger opportunities present themselves. Instead, make your language inclusive. “Ample space for your solutions,” “Plenty of resources to fit your needs,” and “Part of our family” certify your capabilities while demonstrating integrity.

2. Stretch your comfort zone. Do this early. Build your departments’ strengths. An IT or Networking team that develops multiple integrations adapt easier to future clients. Challenge your team to find solutions, providing whatever tools they need to succeed.

Your strength lies in your willingness to expand your horizons. Stretch your company’s legs. You’ll love where they take you.

3. Appoint a Director Of Dumbness. Mistakes are seldom made in one moment. Usually, they’re a culmination of multiple decisions navigating to unintended consequences. For example, a BPO near Seattle operated multiple locations, occasionally opening and closed sites to fit staffing. As an unintended result, they inadvertently found themselves leasing an empty space for nineteen months.

Find a colleague in your inner circle, and appoint her to evaluate the company’s practices. Give her free reign to privately approach you and say, “This is dumb.” Having fresh perspectives can keep you from hemorrhaging money. Companies that avoid unnecessary losses usually grow.

4. Take a vacation from KPI. Your client’s Key Performance Indicators are the most important factors in any BPO conversation. Average Handle Time, Conversion, a client’s QA requirements, and a thousand other metrics are often critical drivers to delivering. Understand them. Rely on them. Prosper with them.

But forget them. Toss them out. Take a vacation. I know: Your business worships KPI. But if you build enough collateral with your client, and if you demonstrate consistent progress, direct your floor to achieve alternate metrics. Hold pilot projects. Test new techniques that might uncover number-boosting strategies. A week of experimentation might result in a decade of growth.

You’re raising a healthy BPO. Like a parent, this takes the wisdom to say “no,” the bravery to say “yes,” the willingness to identify mistakes, and an occasional family adventure. Through these techniques, your BPO may eventually develop into a business mature enough to grow.