When Direct Interactions, a contact center solution’s, set out to boost efficiency KPI’s, it

conducted an extensive, industrywide search for a workforce performance

optimization solution to help it take its call floor performance to the next

level in the marketplace. In a new case study launched this week, Direct

Interactions said that in the end, workforce performance management leader

ClearView was the only company to meet the company's key requirements.

Once they decided to go with ClearView, it was fairly quick and easy to go

live. After the implementation, it only took a few weeks to start seeing the

dramatic improvements.

Since rolling out ClearView to agents, Direct Interactions has seen dramatic

improvements in efficiency among regular users. Comparing efficiency KPIs,

agents who use the system on a daily basis have delivered 45% more

efficiency than agents who use the system less frequently.

“Direct Interactions is the perfect example of a company that has transformed

their call centers by increasing efficiency and thus driving down significant

operation costs,” said ClearView President Paul Liljenquist. “They've turned

their agents into brand ambassadors by equipping them with the tools they

need to perform at the highest levels. That is a critical and predictable

contributor to the bottom line and a key completive differentiator.”